What are you worth?

In his book “Like Christ” Andrew Murray writes:

“Thou art as much worth as the price He paid for thee, that is, the blood of His son; He therefore attaches the highest value to the least thing that concerns thee, and will guide thee even in what is most insignificant. He longs more for close and constant intercourse with thee than thou canst conceive.” – Andrew Murray

As I read this I thought about building cardboard arm-blasters, paper airplanes, play dough lizards, lego build sessions, and doing many other things with my boys. Or dancing and being silly with my daughter and playing with her little tea set while she giggles. These activities are beyond my maturity level as a grown man. But I don’t care about any of them, except for what they do to bring closeness with my children. What joy it is to spend time with them doing… whatever!

Once while I was out walking the dog, I felt God telling me he was present even in my dumb hobbies or on walks with the dog if I would let Him be there. Often we live in a way that excludes God from our lives as though He only cares about the things we do for Him or the “holy things” that we think give us value to Him. This reading from Murray was a great reminder of the nearness of God and the incredible reality of friendship with Jesus.

It is convicting to me that God places such a high value on you and I, loving us and caring for us even in our sinfulness. And yet how selfish am I so much of the time that I am only interested in doing what I want to? Sometimes my kids act in this way too. One day I told my son it was time to come in for dinner, and after a few minutes I noticed he did not come inside. When I went out, he was gone and so was his bike! I yelled his name as loud as I could down the street. A few minutes later he came riding down the sidewalk. He had rode off with his friends to some neighbors house. He forgot the value of our home and its protection, of a warm meal waiting for him with loving family that values him in return.

God has great things in store for those whom He loved enough to redeem with the precious blood of His own Son. “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son” (John 3:16 NIV) That does not always mean everything will go your way. Remember, Jesus, His most precious son, was sent to the cross. But no matter the trial, God is in it with you, He has not forgotten you, and you are a valued child.

“Jesus, thank you for valuing me so much to pay with Your own blood. I am not just a wretch that is begrudgingly forgiven. I am worth every ounce of Your blood shed for me… because You said so! Friend, I am so sorry that I am so often selfish in our time together. Teach me to yield more and more of what concerns me to that which concerns You! Amen.” – Tom Hartung 

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  1. This is a very important lesson for all of us. We mostly take too lightly what God has done for us. I think because it is so incomprehensible that God would do this for me, and me alone, as well as for anyone who would receive the gift. Thanks for the reminder, Tom.

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