First touch

At Westside Christian Church, people are important!

Our 1st Touch Ministry exists to serve all who attend from the time you get out of your car at your arrival until you get in your car to depart. You will be greeted by a friendly face and directed to the Worship Service. If you have children, you will be escorted to the Children’s Ministry and introduced to the staff as register your children and then directed to the Worship Service. If you have other questions, our team is always happy to give an answer or point you to the person who can best provide the information you seek. After the service, the team is available for any other needs or questions you might have.


For those who would like to be part of our 1st Touch Ministry the following are areas where you might consider serving:


Have a friendly smile and warm handshake to welcome those who come to the service. Be prepared to direct or escort people to the Worship Service or Children’s Ministry. Answer questions that people may have.


Greet people at the entrance of the Worship Service and invite them to fill out a name tag and/or distribute a bulletin of the morning service to each person attending the service.

Communion Preparation

Prepare the communion trays for the services.


Distribute the communion trays and offering baskets during the service.


Brew coffee and set up the coffee table on Sunday morning for everyone to enjoy.


Distribute Bibles to those who do not own a Bible or perhaps forgot their Bible.