Have you heard about Metal tape?

Have you heard about Metal tape?

This past week while setting up for Good Friday service one of the other pastors asked me if I had any ideas on how to secure a black curtain to the stage wall. Well, it just so happened I had used metal tape a couple of weeks prior for the same function in my office. I excitedly explained how I had used metal tape in the past for various functions including counter top installs, as temporary brackets, and other uses. As setup continued, he asked for tape to use to secure cords on the stage… any guesses what my suggestion was? In thinking back on this event I realized how much advertising I have done for metal tape over the years since I discovered it. There is something that happens in most people when they find that product or thing that really works… every time there is an opportunity, we tell others about it!

Marketing companies have caught on to a cool fact in regard to what happens when we share our enthusiasm for a product. According to marketing research, testimonials have an 89% effectiveness rate to turning over sales! And 88% of people trust online reviews from everyday consumers as much as they trust a personal contact.

At Westside we have been emphasizing “The power of the personal invitation” this year. Because research shows that your voice matters to those around you! For those in Christ, it is not to sell a product… but to reach our community with the life-saving message of Jesus Christ! It was amazing to see the results of the enthusiasm our church had for this year’s Easter celebration. We had a full house, and on top of that, we had to pull in extra chairs to line the back wall. People brought in goodies to eat before service (not arranged by the staff) and even came dressed extra nice all in anticipation for this special day of celebration. This did not happen because of the marketing genius of the staff, or because we put on the best show in town or have the most free stuff. This happened because our people invited their families and friends to something that they love, something that is special, something that is far greater than metal tape.

Hopefully, you got to experience this enthusiasm in your church this past weekend, but I want you to know that your love and enthusiasm for sharing Christ and inviting others to come and celebrate does not end on Easter Sunday. If you are resurrected in Christ, you have reason to celebrate every day! You have a reason to tell everyone at every turn what Christ has done for you, who He is to you, and the hope you have. Easter and Christmas serve as sort of special anniversaries to remember what God has done, but as in any relationship if you only get flowers on the anniversary and there is nothing in between… Take every opportunity to proclaim your love for Christ because of the love he first had for you. Have you ever heard of metal tape?… How about Jesus Christ?

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