This year, we embark on a new journey together!

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Port Of Call Kids

Get on board!

For kids ages 6-12, the trip of a lifetime is awaiting on the cruise ship The Adventure! Pack your bags, hoist the anchor, and join the crew as we cruise through Paul’s journeys. Along the way we will learn where, when, how, and why we should spread the message of Jesus to everyone! While on board we will watch Captain Stern try to keep stow-aways-turned-crew-members, Rudder and Cuddy, from making a mess of the entire cruise. Pack your swimsuit, and sunscreen, but don’t miss the boat!

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Altitude Kids

This map represents all of the series that will be taught in the fifth year of Elevate and is designed like a theme park map to build excitement toward what is ahead. We want kids to look at the map and say “Ohhh, I can’t wait to go there!” or “Wow, that place looks like it will be so much fun!” Because we present a new theme every 8 weeks, the environments change regularly and keep each child’s learning experience fun, fresh, and exciting.

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Professor Playtime’s Christmas Shop of Wonders

Is there a place where can you go to find the perfect gift? Is there a place where it is Christmas-time year-round?

Is there a place where anything can happen and toys come alive? Of course there is! Children ages 6-12 are invited to Professor Playtime’s Christmas Shop of Wonders, where the professor will help them understand the true meaning of Christmas and experience this holiday through the eyes of people who were actually there! So bring your carols, your wrapping paper, and as much jolliness and cheer as you can carry! Because Professor Playtime’s Christmas Shop of Wonders is open for business!

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The Game Show

What’s the best game show for kids?

Good question. The answer: Big Questions! It’s the only game show that lets all of your kids, ages 6 – 12, be the contestants! They’ll score huge points playing big team games, head-to-head challenges, and even goofy games! And the whole time they will learn the answers to some of the biggest questions that were asked in the Old Testament. So if your kids are ready to play some games, earn some points, answer some questions and have tons of fun…then there’s no question…they a need a game show. They need Big Questions!

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Making Things Industries

In Make Things Industries Kids, children ages 6-12 join Wedge and Kate, the workers of Make Things Industries! It’s the most amazing toy, gadget, and candy factory in the world! And helping the workers on the factory line is Erwin Winowitz, the president, CEO, and founder of Make Things Industries. As products are designed, assembled, inspected, and tested, we’ll learn about people in the Bible who started out as unimportant, but became great when used by God. And when we live like God designed us to, He’ll use us for great things too.