Open Worship night

What is an open worship night?

The vision behind Westside’s Open Worship Night is to have a night of complete spontaneity with Jesus. While planning ahead and orderly worship are good things, this is an opportunity to cast off the “Order of Service” and just see where the Holy Spirit Leads us. Our team will come prepared with a number of songs and scriptures arranged in no particular order. As God prompts we will pull from our songs and scriptures and allow time for prayer and silence together before God.

Our hope in creating this space is that you will experience a new level of freedom and intimacy with Jesus and His people as we worship together in His presence. If I am completely honest about what you should expect, I have to say “I don’t know”! Except that God is worthy of such worship, so we will bring it! And then wait on Him for the rest.

If you would like to get involved with serving at this or future Open Worship nights, please reach out to Tom Hartung our Worship pastor.