Ian and Charlotte Wedding Shower

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Our Story


We met our freshman year at Jessup. Ian and I had three classes together and we casually knew each other then. However, we really got to know each other at the end of the year. I sang at a graduation ceremony and he messaged me saying it was great. We kept in contact all summer and when we got back to school things were a bit rocky. We dated then ended things for awhile while we were both working on ourselves and other things at school. We were both there for each other through trying times that year and we finally agreed to give it another shot in January of 2019. Now here we are!

I always thought Ian was such a great guy. He said he thought I was a bit dorky ( In a cute way .. I hope!). He told me when he heard me singing with our school’s choir back in that initial summer, he felt like God leading to him to see someday we would get married. We both felt peace about our process, even in the difficult times. We are so excited for May 23rd to get here and to finally be husband and wife!


After finally 😉 deciding that she liked me, I took Charlotte to a nice, romantic date to Ikea and Chili’s. I figured that if she could put up with my silly puns with the furniture names, the rest would all fall into place. Sure enough, I was able to get her laugh just a couple of times.

When people think of Charlotte, many people think of her beautiful voice, her hardworking attitude, and her leadership, but I fell in love with her love for God and for His people. Charlotte always stood out to me because no matter what craziness goes on in her life, she puts God first, always wanting to do what is right. She always puts others before her. When I started to see that in Charlotte, I knew that it was too late. I had fallen in love with her.