Worship Ministry

Westside worship ministries helps support and execute various aspects of ourSunday gatherings including: Westside praise band, Westside tech arts team, and Westside sound engineering. At Westside we believe worship is so much more than a few songs on a Sunday morning or a good sermon. Worship is a vital part of the daily Christian walk and we desire to see our members draw closer in their walk with Jesus through our worship.

We are always looking to expand our teams and provide a way for you to serve. We believe that as we serve together we grow together. Here are some ways that you can get involved!

Westside Praise Band

these are the guys you see every Sunday on stage. Our team is made up of volunteers from within our church that love to play and use their gifts to serve the Lord. If you are interested in serving on the worship team at Westside come talk to us or shoot us an email!

Westside Tech Arts Team

these guys are responsible for the computer projection text/graphics and videos. If it shows up on the screen... these guys put it there! They prepare visuals for Sunday morning services, including worship song slides, ministry and event slides, and sermon notes. These guys are here early to set up and run the computer and projector for the services and stick around after to help turn everything off. These behind the scenes servants are always needed please talk to one of the guys in the back or shoot us an e mail if you would like to get involved!

Westside Sound Engineering

without these guys there would not be much to hear and the band would have a much harder time. The sound engineering team is responsible for managing safe and pleasing sound levels for the various gatherings and events at Westside. We provide hands on training for those that wish to get involved with this ministry. Talk to the guys in the back or shoot us an e mail to get involved!

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday morning and having the opportunity to worship with you!

Sound Board