Questions And Answers

Welcome! We hope you and your child will join us for a weekend service to see for yourself what we are about.

The following information will be helpful for your first visit:

1. Service Time: 10 am - Come early! We recommend arriving about 10-15 minutes before the service to allow time for parking, checking in your children and finding yourself a seat in the auditorium. We would love to have you come earlier (9:25 am) and have you and your child(ren) join us for coffee/juice and a snack at our pre-service Fellowship from 9:30-10 am. You can meet some Westside folks and then check your child into class around 9:45 am so you are able to get settled for the main service.

2. Get Directions: See "Directions".

3. Check in your children before you attend service.
Checking in your children requires you to obtain a numbered tag and complete necessary check-in information before we receive your children. The number on your tag will also be on your child's name tag. We compare that number to your child's when you check them out. For safety and security reasons, please be sure to have that tag with you, as we will not release your child to you without the proper number and tag.


4. It's now your turn to go to the Auditorium for service.

5. After the service: Please pick up your children immediately after the service and before you help yourself to the coffee/snacks at the Refreshment Table.

Do you have any questions?
Contact our office any time.