Westside Kidz Safety and Security Policies

Check In

Protecting Westside's Children, Youth and Volunteers - Westside Kidz volunteers are approved to serve through a thorough application process, including background reference checks. Additionally, the following procedures are implemented:

Check In / Out: Children must be checked into their classroom or Division area by a parent/guardian.

Nursery and Preschool: Check-in includes choosing a tag number,writing child’s name and tag number on a nametag, and providing necessary information, including parent location, name of person picking up the child, and special needs on a sign in roster.

Elementary: Check-in includes choosing a tag number and completing the Check-in card with child’s name, grade and tag number. This card is given to the child and submitted for a nametag. The nametags will include tag number written on card.

Pick up: Children will be picked up in the area where they were checked into, unless notified otherwise.

Check-out: Parents/guardians are to show tag in order to claim child. If they do not have a tag, we will not release the child until appropriate tag is turned in or identification is provided.
Parents/Guardians are to keep their numbered tag with them to claim their children. Also, in case of an emergency, that number will be posted and viewed in the main auditorium screen to contact the parents. Parents/Guardians are to come immediately to the classroom.

Two Adult Rule: Volunteers are not to be left alone with a child. There must be a minimum of 2 adults at all times in the classroom, in the playground, or when transporting kids from one location to another.

Volunteers need to ask for assistance/accountability from staff and other designated volunteers when helping a child to the bathroom and/or walking them to areas that would require them to be alone with the child.

Bathroom Procedures:

Nursery and Preschool: A designated staff or lead volunteer will assist all children in the restroom. These adults have been fingerprinted and background checks completed. Doors are to remain unlocked and partially open to ensure child safety while protecting their privacy.

Elementary: A designated staff or lead volunteer will be assigned to escort children to the bathroom; however they will wait outside the bathroom door after they have checked to see if any adults are already in the bathroom.

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