Health And Safety

We ask that you would help us at Westside Church to provide a safe and healthy environment for our children by observing the following:

A Safe Environment

Kid with adult

We observe check-in and check out security procedures. We can alert you of any special needs your child may have during the services by flashing your tag number on the call board on the screens in the auditorium. If you will not be in the auditorium, we ask parents to please note your location on the attendance sheet.

A Healthy Environment

A healthy, happy environment is very important for the children.
To be sure we do not spread infectious viruses or bacteria, we ask that you do not admit your child to the preschool if they show these symptoms:

  • Fever/vomiting Discharge in or around eyes Green or yellow runny noses.
  • Excessive coughing Diarrhea Questionable rash
  • Any communicable disease
  • Colds, flu and ear infections are assumed contagious as long as the child exhibits symptoms.

Often a child can be a picture of perfect physical health but other things may be a factor. If your child is irritable, the diagnosis may be as simple as a lack of sleep, hunger or just a bad mood. If a child is experiencing emotional distress, we ask that the parent remain in their child's room to comfort and help the child through these feelings. We ask that parents refrain from leaving their child in the preschool if they are exhibiting extreme behaviors such as tantrums, biting, pinching, or hitting other children. Another issue that precludes admittance into the preschool is head lice.

Do you have any questions?
Contact our office any time.