1st through 5th Grade

Westside's Elementary Division includes 1st through 3rd Grade Division and a 4th through 5th Grade Division. Each division is designed to be child-targeted and age appropriate in its relevant teaching of God's Word. Our small group activities are also designed to apply God's Word and encourage learning concepts appropriate for children of these grades.

"Dear Parents,
It is an honor for us to come alongside you in teaching your 1st through fifth grade children about their relationship with the Lord!"

Kids in a circle

Westside Kidz are an enthusiastic and energetic group! We value being child-targeted and age appropriate as we attempt to intentionally serve each child. Our Elementary Division is specifically designed to meet your child's needs. Additionally, we believe that this Division will enable us to come alongside you in the spiritual development of your child.

Our dedicated staff will provide your child the opportunity to meet other kids your child's age, have fun and interact with their peers while learning foundational truths of the Bible.

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