Technical Arts

Computer Graphics (CG)

Technical Arts - Computer Graphics

Responsible for the computer projection text/graphics. Prepares visuals for Sunday morning services, including worship song slides, ministry and event slides, and sermon notes. Sets up and runs the computer and projector for the services and tears down the system at the end of the service.

Sound Team

Sound Team

Our Sound Team is responsible for all aspects of the sound for our services. The team exists to assist in empowering worship, teaching, and instruction for the people of Westside Christian Church. We also have a lot of fun in the process!

Though the ministry centers around some very technical and demanding skills, almost everyone who enjoys sound can find a place to plug in.

The Sound Team is responsible to mix all sound for our services and rehearsals, assist in sound checks, operate monitors and monitor mixes, hang microphones, wind cables, and various other duties. Interested but don't feel you have sound knowledge? We do on-the-job training!

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